Plastic free July: how I started my zero waste journey

In this society where takeaway food has become a second nature and disposable products fill our homes and lives, it seems pretty unrealistic to pretend you can produce ‘zero waste’. How on Earth can a regular person living in the city and working full time (i.e. time poor) make zero trash?

Here is what this specimen of person living in the city and working full time (yours truly) thinks. Continue reading “Plastic free July: how I started my zero waste journey”

Mother’s Day: 5 things about slow living my mum taught me

My mum is an amazing woman. When I was about 15, I wrote an article about her on a blog that I had at the time, which I deleted later on. It was called ‘Ma mère, cette femme’ (‘My mother, this woman’ en français dans le texte) and I really wish I had saved the text because I am fairly sure I would still to this day, write the same thing word for word.

It’s funny how sometimes growing up, you grow closer to your parents whom you once despised (ha, those sweet teenage years). For me, I definitely have grown closer to my mum as a result of experiencing adulthood, but there’s something more. Continue reading “Mother’s Day: 5 things about slow living my mum taught me”

What does slow living mean?

Before we start talking about my favourite vegan recipes or the latest cruelty free product I’ve tried, let’s define ‘the slow life’.

I think we can all agree that we live pretty fast paced lives. ‘Busy’ is the new black, and our followers count on Instagram is the metric to how successful we are at ‘life’. When people ask us how we are going, most people go to answer is ‘good, busy’. But is busy really a synonym for happy? Continue reading “What does slow living mean?”

Why hello there.

Hello & welcome!

One of the first questions I’ve asked myself when creating this blog was: should I be writing in English or in French?

As a French native living in Australia for about 5 years, it seems like a fair question.

I suspect part of the audience will not understand French, and so it probably makes more sense to primarily write in English. I guess my lazy French readers will just have to suck it up and brush up on their English skills (or use Google Translate). Although French is my mother tongue and therefore a much easier language for me to write in, I will endeavour to write English content that reflects my thoughts (and irresistible sense of humour) as closely as possible. Continue reading “Why hello there.”