To celebrate International Women’s Day, I’d like to share with you the women who set my soul on fire & inspire me everyday.

#1 Celia Roberts

Celia Roberts is a Senior yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapist, and among other qualifications, she holds a Bio-Medical Science degree. I was lucky enough to train with her for my 200 & 350 hours yoga teacher training in Brisbane, and I am so very grateful our paths decided to cross in 2017.

She is by far one of the most inspiring person I know, and I find myself missing her presence, knowledge and piercing gaze some days. Some would say she has an aura, that she is a guru, and I would agree with them. Celia is a guru, in the traditional Sanskrit sense of spiritual teacher.

If you’re ever looking to train as a yoga teacher, or even if you’d just like to take a regular class in Brisbane, I’d highly recommend driving up to her retreat in Brookfield.

You can find Celia on Facebook and Instagram, where she shares quick videos showing asana postures, or explaining pranayama (breathing exercises). I loved this one of her and her two daughters doing a handstand together recently:

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Family handstand 😂

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#2 Josée Anne Sarazin-Cote

Josée Anne is a French Canadian entrepreneur (or ‘slowpreneur‘ as she calls it), a green witch and a full time nomad. She organises retreats all over the world, moon rituals, reads birth charts, created an oracle cards deck, and just creates awesome content about minimalism and leading a simple life that always inspires me.

I never miss an episode of her podcast (in French — “Simplicité, bonheur & slowpreneur“). You can also find her on YouTube, Instagram (@joseeannesarazincote & @ouitch) and via her newsletter.

Yes, she has blue hair and it honestly looks amazing on her.

#3 Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl)

If you follow a few people on Instagram and are into yoga, you probably know Rachel Brathen, @yoga_girl with her 2 million followers. If you don’t, don’t expect a perfect Instagram feed with acrobatic yoga poses by the ocean, that’s just not what Rachel is about (anymore). Originally from Sweden, Rachel now lives in Aruba, a tiny island in the Caribbean, with her husband and two year old baby girl. She is a yoga teacher, author and podcast creator (“From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl“).

I really enjoy and feel inspired by her podcast episodes and her daily Instagram stories, covering topics like body image, inner healing, vulnerability, finding happiness and making a change in the world.

#3 Alli Cherry

Alli Cherry is my inspiration for all things zero waste and low impact. She lives in California, travels a lot to national parks with her husband Nick in their van, knows a lot about essential oils, isn’t a perfect zero waster (which I really like), but is a true inspiration when it comes to second hand shopping, minimalism and what she calls “living gently”.

Catch her on YouTube and Instagram.

#5 Lauren Bastide

Lauren Bastide is a French journalist, reformed ‘Elle’ contributor now fighting for women’s rights. Feminist activist and co-founder of Nouvelles Écoutes (a podcast studio), she created ‘La Poudre‘ podcast, which is one of the first podcast I ever listened to.

La Poudre offers women a safe space to express themselves, in a one-hour long intimate, in-depth conversation. Artists and activists join Lauren on her podcast to talk about their path, career and experience with being a woman in our world.

In a time where being a ‘feminist’ can be quite a controversial topic, and at a time where I wasn’t too sure where I stood in this regard, La Poudre really shook me up and educated me on a lot of topics.

I really enjoyed some of the earlier episodes with Garance Doré, Pénélope Baguieu, Inna Modja or Juliette Armanet (beautiful French singer).

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Let’s be badasses for like real.// 2019, année, donc, des meufs. Je suggère : on arrête de sourire alors qu’on en a pas envie, on arrête d’être gentille alors qu’on est en colère, on arrête de se faire petite alors qu’on est la meilleure, on arrête d’être silencieuse alors qu’on souffre, on arrête d’être modeste alors qu’on sait mieux, on arrête d’avoir peur de déranger alors que c’est la société qui nous dérange. En 2019, autorisons-nous des « Écoutez moi! », des « Merci pour le compliment! », des « Désolée pas le temps! », Ouvrons la ! Ramenons la ! Octroyons-nous le droit de dire autant de conneries par jour qu’un homme moyen (sans pression, hein), le droit de nous la jouer, d’être sûre de nous, d’être arrogante, même, si ça nous chante. En 2019 quittons de nos épaules la charge émotionnelle qui voudrait qu’il nous revienne à nous, toujours, de lubrifier les rapports sociaux d’arrondir les angles, de consoler, de féliciter, de rassurer, d’ambiancer. Pas facile, je sais, y compris pour moi qui suis une adepte de l’auto dénigrement et cherche si souvent encore, malgré de gros progrès accomplis ces deux dernières années, l’approbation extérieure. Je vous propose un petit exercice de début d’année pour épouser ce nouvel etat d’esprit : exercez-vous avec moi à pratiquer la bitch face, mon expression officielle de l’année 2019. Merci à Franck Aubry pour la photo et bonne reprise à toutes et tous 💪

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Bonus <3

There are obviously a lot of women in my life outside of Instagram, actual IRL friends (yep) I feel inspired by and I’d love for their work and values to be know by others.

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En place ! 🙂

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Who are the women who inspire you? Do tell!

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March 8, 2019

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