This is the second part of our road trip along the Australian East Coast. A 3,000 km road trip from Cairns, where we spent the Christmas holidays, to Melbourne, our new home for the next few months.

For part #1, driving through Queensland and sailing to the Whitsunday Islands, check out my article and video here.

After the Tropical North Queensland heat, we started driving towards (somewhat) cooler temperatures, along the coast of New South Wales, from Byron Bay to the Blue Mountains, not far from Sydney, which is about 1,000 km.

After staying a few days in Brisbane to see our friends and say farewell, we spent a few days in Byron Bay, a little coastal hippie town which I hold very dearly in my heart.


We chose to bypass Sydney completely as we didn’t want to worry about parking our two cars filled to the brim in the city (and traffic there is horrendous), and we’d both already been there.

We camped in our beautiful Quechua tent in Byron Bay, but stayed at AirBnbs both in the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains, so we could have a break from camping for a few days before the Sapphire Coast of NSW (part #3 of the road trip).

This is our full itinerary:


Have you traveled along the East Coast before? Which was your favourite part?

Stay tuned for part three of our road trip soon!

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September 8, 2018

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