Before we start talking about my favourite vegan recipes or the latest cruelty free product I’ve tried, let’s define ‘the slow life’.

But is busy really a synonym for happy?

I think we can all agree that we live pretty fast paced lives. ‘Busy’ is the new black, and our followers count on Instagram is the metric to how successful we are at ‘life’. When people ask us how we are going, most people go to answer is ‘good, busy’.

I work in a digital agency, and staring at a screen is a big part of my daily routine, whether at work or in my personal life. Not only that, but I also find myself jumping from task to task, from project to project, from client to client. We recently started tracking our time more accurately and analysing this data. Looking at my own time logs, it’s become really clear to me that my impressions were a reality: some days, I mostly log my time in 2-5 minutes increment. My brain does not get a break, it is constantly jumping between different bits and pieces of information. No wonder I sometimes feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Social media is also a trigger for shorter attention spans. Most days, I wake up and scroll through my feed indefinitely (and mindlessly), jumping between stories, videos, articles and photos. As time goes by, shorter and shorter content formats like Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook Stories (pick your poison) are becoming more popular. Long gone are the days were we would dedicate a few hours to reading a book, watching a documentary … or god forbids, do nothing.

yoga girl

This isn’t a story about me entering a cult, giving up all electronic devices and stopping to shave my armpits – I swear.

I guess for me, the realisation that I was becoming more and more mindless and mentally drained came when I started practising yoga, which lead me to increased awareness and focus on my physical and mental health.

From this, I also gained an interest in related topics like meditation, holistic health, mindfulness, aromatherapy, clean eating, minimalism, environmental concerns, zero waste, ethical fashion, and so on.

Starting yoga just pretty much triggered a gradual change in my whole lifestyle. This isn’t a story about me entering a cult, giving up all electronic devices and stopping to shave my armpits – I swear.

This blog is about telling my journey to a slower lifestyle and sharing my findings, my thoughts (and my struggles). I believe we all need to slow down, and live more mindfully. To me, this starts with little things (that will actually have a huge impact) like cutting down on my screen time, but it actually extends to so many more areas of my life: I have changed the way I eat, the way I shop and act as a consumer, the activities I spend my time on, and the list goes on.

I guess if you want to find out more, I’ll see you around!

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April 27, 2017


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