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One of the first questions I’ve asked myself when creating this blog was: should I be writing in English or in French?

As a French native living in Australia for about 5 years, it seems like a fair question.

I suspect part of the audience will not understand French, and so it probably makes more sense to primarily write in English. I guess my lazy French readers will just have to suck it up and brush up on their English skills (or use Google Translate). Although French is my mother tongue and therefore a much easier language for me to write in, I will endeavour to write English content that reflects my thoughts (and irresistible sense of humour) as closely as possible.

As far as I can remember, I have always loved reading. As a child, I could spend hours and hours reading, devouring books, often very late at night, hiding under the covers. Occasionally, when no books were available to me, I would even read the dictionary (this has actually become a running joke in my family).

I also enjoyed writing, and my favourite classes at school were always the ones where we could use our creativity to make up stories or write essays. My love for writing came in handy during the five years I spent at law school. Weirdly enough (in hindsight, not), I have very little, if any, happy memories from my time as a law student. Turns out writing 4,000 words on the latest court case in public contracts wasn’t as much fun as… well, pretty much anything else in life.

I have always quite liked the idea of having a blog, but never thought I could write something interesting enough for people to want to read.

So why now, you think? As my interests have evolved over the years, I started reading and researching more and more various topics relating to a slower lifestyle, a way of living that would be more in tune with my beliefs and values.

holistic living

I feel like sharing my thoughts and projects with the world wide web is the best way to journal about my progress and maybe, just maybe, make an impact.

When it comes to sustainability and eco-friendliness, it’s really all about education in the sense of people understanding how their lifestyle and everyday actions can actually have consequences on the planet, and how they could just change a few small things in their daily routine to make a difference.

So here’s to hoping that I can inspire a few of you to make that one change!

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April 23, 2017


Ma chère nièce et filleule, je suis bienheureuse de cette idée de blog et surtout de son thème…même si le terme de slawlife me parle vraiment mais sans être bien sûre que nous en ayons la même définition…j attends avzc impatience ta définition…..et jai appris que comme quelques autres membres de la famille que je connais bien, tu étais une bookaddict!

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